Advantages of Hiring a Nanny

A qualified Nanny is a professional who has received a diploma or certificate in childcare after completion of 1-4 years study, typically 2,200 in practicum and classroom hours over this period. The most common diplomas held are in Early Childhood Education & Development, Early Education, Child Development, Psychology, Physical Education and Nursing.  They will have taken courses ranging in Nursery Care, Child Development Ages 0-7, Nutrition, Safety, Pscyhology, Food & Hygiene and Play Activities. Many qualified nannies hold additional certificates such as Maternity Nurse (MNT or OCN),  Nannyguard, Nutrition, Food & Hygiene and First Aid/CPR.

For children growing up in an ever increasing globalization and internationalization of the workplace, the ability to speak and understand English fluently is fundamental to their future and success. Schools provide a great base for English grammar and have excellent teachers. However, nothing can match the fluency that is achieved naturally and easily through conversing daily in the home with a Nanny who is English native speaking.

Likewise, children growing up in multi-lingual homes benefit from the reinforcement achieved by Nannies who speak other languages such as  French, German, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, and Italian-just to name a few!

All our Candidates hold some kind of certification or diploma in childcare and/or have demonstrated the equivalent through their work experience. The Nannies we present will have either worked for our past clients or are registrants that have gone through our strong vetting requirements. Many have been interviewed personally by us, or our colleagues in various countries worldwide. We also conduct interviews by video conferencing if the candidate is not located near one of our agents. We rely the most on references and do our best to understand each Nanny as this helps in determining if the fit is right for our clients


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