Family Requirements

NANNY, TATA & CO. sets high standards for both our Nannies and our Families. Families must be able to provide:


The Family must give the Nanny her own bedroom, solely for her own use. This room cannot be a garage, a laundry room or a storage room. The room must have windows that face the outdoors, a door and be accessible from a hallway and not through another person’s room. There must be a proper freestanding bed (no roll away bed or sofabed). A separate bathroom is also encourged however some Candidates may agree to share a bathroom with children, this must be disclosed in advance.

Days Off

Minimum one full day off per week for Maternity Nurses. It is customary for a childcarer to take 2 days off per week.   If another arrangement is required, this must be agreed upon by both parties and stated within the working agreement.


Four weeks paid holidays per annum including bank holidays.


It is important that a Nanny feel s/he is advancing in her career. We strongly recommend Families to offer an end of year bonus whether performance or motivation based.


Families must provide a sim card for work use. We recommend that the telephone is provided by the Nanny.

Miscellaneous Costs

All transfer costs and miscellaneous expenses that are work related are the responsibility of the Family.


Families are responsible for all costs associated with interviewing the Nanny including airfare, trainfare, transfers and taxis. Our agency requires that Nannies are paid an agreed rate when attending a working interview.


Nannytata workbook

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