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Nanny, Tata & Co. specializes in placing Nannies, Governesses, Maternity Nurses and Tutors worldwide.  Due to our international presence, we have exciting nanny jobs in European cities such as Milan, Zurich, Monaco, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Munich; or in the Middle East particularly Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Qatar.  We also collaborate with other agents in Russia, Australia and Asia, placing our candidates in overseas nanny jobs in cities such as Moscow, Hong Kong and Sydney.  When filling out the application online,  you may specify an area of specific interest.

As a Nanny you have the opportunity to combine work and travel. Europe is an amazing place to find a nanny job whether in a larger city – Istanbul, Moscow, Rome, Paris, London, Berlin, Vienna, Barcelona- cities vibrant and ready for exploration! Or smaller cities Bologna, Monaco, Florence, Hamburg, Geneva, Bordeaux, Innsbruck.. seemingly suspended in time and provincial. allowing a fuller immersion into the language and culture. On the other end of the spectrum, is uber modern Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar newer vibrant countries experiencing rapid growth just waiting to be discovered.   Inevitably when working outside your own country , you will be surrounded by interesting people, architecture, art, landscape and (delicious!) food.

We encourage you to gain as much of a cultural experience as possible and to be proactive about exploring your surroundings during your time off. However please remember that your first priority is your job and the children you look after. This is particularly challenging the first months on the job when you are getting acquainted with living in a new country or city getting to know you new family and the children. You may not have the time to live the “dolce vita” right away, especially whilst on duty. As with all other Nanny jobs, regardless of the country you work in – the hours are long, you will work hard and you will have very precious cargo to look after!

There will also be language and cultural obstacles that will require much patience and an open mind. Candidates should ask themselves why they want to go abroad and if they feel they can really make the commitment to be away from family, friends and loved ones. Candidates should also seriously consider the kind of position they are applying for and realize that full time work may not coincide with their expectations of learning a language, sightseeing or finding a boyfriend. Our Families are looking for dedicated childcarers who will stay with them for at least one year and it would be unfair to them if a Candidate were to leave because she was not realistic about the situation. Ultimately the children would bear the brunt of the consequences.

Interview Process

First interviews are typically via Skype. If the interview goes well , candidates are often invited to personally meet the family. This can range from a day visit to a 2-3 day interview/trial.  In these cases, families will assume all the costs associated with the interview such as flights and transfers.

Offer of Employment

Upon successulf interviews, a candidates will be sent an offer of employment. This offer of employment will specify the working terms, working schedule and salary offered.  Should the candidate choose to accept the offer, a trial period of 2- 4 weeks will be agreed upon as well as a starting date.  Official contracts are typically drawn up after this stated period, in accordance with the laws and regulations of the family city / canton/ country of residence. It is the Candidates responsibility to keep themselves informed and to read their contracts. Candidates should consult with their agent with questions or concerns.

“Nota Bene”

Candidates must be sure that they have the necessary funds to pay for airfare, insurance, and if applicable, visa costs before applying with us. If a Family is interested in meeting you personally for an interview, they will assume all costs associated with the interview such as flights and transfers. Once an offer has been made, it is customary for the Family to assume the cost of the flights applicable unless stated otherwise. However candidates must be prepared to have sufficient funds for any departure required if the trial period is not successful. The responsibility of assuming the costs of flights will vary with each position. If the Candidate is asked to bear the cost of flights, it is customary that our Agency will negotiate a reimbursement policy whereby the Nanny “earns” the ticket back after completing work for a specified length of time.

We do expect our Candidates to make a serious commitment to our agency and to the Families they choose to work for. We will eliminate Candidates that exploit our services in any way.



“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

  1. Be Presentable.   First impressions are vital. If you are unsure about what to wear, Nanny, Tata & Co.  will guide you through this. Erring on the conservative side is always the best. No loud prints or bright colors. Light makeup, clean nails (not long), no heavy perfume and neat hair.  Keep hair tied neatly back if unsure. Flat shoes such as ballerinas or clean sneakers: Remember you are looking after children!
  2. Allow yourself plenty of time and do not be late. If you are running behind schedule, have gotten lost etc.. please call your consultant directly.
  3. Be knowledgeable about the job you are applying for and be interested in it. Ask questions. Children should be the first thing you discuss and the salary or holiday the last.
  4. Discuss all aspects of the job and be honest about your views.
  5. Make a list of points you want to discuss before the interview. Write them down and take them with you, that’s ok! If you have any specific concerns it is better to bring them out to the open ahead of time. Be prepared for their questions – we can give you a list of potential questions and suggestions of what questions to ask them.
  6. If possible ask to meet the children, location permitting or via Skype
  7. Do not make any hasty decisions. Only accept a job that you feel you will be happy with. There will always be other jobs, follow your instincts!
  8. Be sure that you are clear on all aspects of the job requirements. Be clear on pay, holidays and time given off. Let your Nanny, Tata & Co. consultant be involved in this process and help you.
  9. Relax, smile!
  10. Be Yourself!
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