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A Nanny is a professional, qualified childcarer who holds a diploma or certificate in childcare that typically requires up to two years of study and/or have the equivalent in work experience, demonstrated by high references. All will have a minimum of two years experience and will be trained in First Aid and CPR. Our Nannies are primarily English Mother Tongue (EMT) . We also provide French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian & Portuguese speaking Nannies upon request. A Nanny is responsible for the cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development of the children under her care, thus providing a safe and stimulating environment. They will take sole or shared charge with the mother performing all “nursery duties”- preparing bottles, childrens’ meals, school runs, and tidying of the rooms and toys used by children. Nannies will supervise with homework when required and organise age appropriate games and activities in order to enhance the scholastic and social growth of the children under her care.
Salary: starting salaries are £400 GBP/ net per week and upwards to £900 GBP/npw in accordance with qualifications/experience and previous salaries acquired. Room & board to be provided by family. Salaries are based upon a 5 day Monday- Friday, workweek, 8 hours daily.

Maternity Nurses

Maternity Nurses are trained or experienced nurses or nannies who specialize in the care of newborn babies. They will help the mother from the time she leaves the hospital until both mother and baby are settled into a routine at home, typically a period between 4-12 weeks. A maternity nurse will provide expert support and guidance on all aspects of babycare, including breastfeeding, bottle feeding, routine setting and hygiene. They will also provide all nursery duties, including ensuring the cleanliness of the baby nursery, the baby’s laundry,sterilizing and making bottles. A maternity nurse generally sleeps in the baby’s room and does all the night feeds. They are on call 24 hours per day, 5-6 days per week and will sleep when the baby is sleeping.
Salary: £175-£200 GBP per day, based upon a 24 hour on call basis. Salaries will vary in accordance to relevant qualifications/experience and previous salaries acquired

Nanny/Personal Assistants

Nanny/Personal Assistants are usually employed by families with older, school aged children. In addition to looking after the children, the Nanny/PA may be required to act as an assistant to the family or one of the parents at home or office whilst the children are in school. Typical duties are general errands, administrative/secretarial support, booking flights and holidays, supervising and instructing other household staff or workers, paying bills and organizing dinner parties. The Nanny/PA will be competent with the computer and basic programs such as Word.
Salary: £500 GBP/week, minimum, live in, according to qualifications/experience and previous salaries acquired


Nannyshare allows Families to share the time and wages of the Nanny. Nannyshare is particularly attractive for parents with one child, great at cutting costs, and placing the child in an English speaking environment whilst getting a playmate for the child at the same time. Both Families will be paying equal share of the Nanny’s wages. Ring us directly for a consultation.
Average salary: £500 GBP/week, minimum and may vary according to qualifications and experience.

SOS Supernanny

SOS Supernanny is an expert in resolving “emergency” situations ranging from proper etiquette and controlling temper tantrums to establishing a proper sleep routine. The SOS Supernanny helps exhausted parents tackle the issues creating chaos in their home and transforms unwanted behavior. She will design a solution that the parents can implement successfully after her stay. She will revisit the situation after two weeks to ensure that the methods are being followed through corrrectly and successfully.
Average salary: £££ Varies


Tutors/Governesses are professional child educators in a private home, usually on a live in basis, 5 or 6 days a week. They are responsible for intellectual and social development rather then physical. They will organize activities and outings to stimulate the children intellectually, tutor them where necessary, help with homework and generally oversee their scholastic development. They will also teach them life skills such as etiquette and cultural appreciation. These candidates are skilled to work with children for whom English is not the first language, and will usually have a teaching background, and/or Nanny experience. Tutor/Governesses are not responsible for household duties.
Salary: £500 GBP/week, minimum, live in, according to qualifications/experience and previous salaries acquired

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