Job Descriptions


A Nanny is responsible for all nursery duties defined as changing diapers, preparing bottles,  bathing, children’s laundry, keeping nursery / kids rooms tidy, clean and hygenic, preparing/cooking meals.  Nannies are also expected to provide a structured day, organising age appropriate games and activities. School runs may be required as well as general errands. Any additional domestic duties will be upon request and negotiated in advance with Families.  Expected salaries will be commensurate upon experience, academic qualifications, references , and may reflect market salaries of the country of work.

Nanny,  Live in

This is defined as a Nanny who is provided accommodations by the employer. This is typically a private bedroom within the main residence, a separate dependance or apartment.  These accommodations are provided without cost to the Nanny.

Nanny, Daily or Live out

This is defined as a Nanny who already has her own accommodations, not provided for by the employer.


Governess (Governour refers to male ) candidates should hold a University degree or higher degree in any specified subject. They should have a confident grasp of all academic subjects.  Families who seek Governess, Governour or Tutors typically have older children who require academic support.  Governess and Governours must also be able to follow academic curriculums pertaining to their charges,  assist with homework, prepare supporting lessons which can also be in the form of stimulating activities, outings and sports.  They are also expected to be conscientious of teaching life skills and general etiquette.  Some special skills in music , arts or sports is also ideal.  A knowledge of International Baccalaureate (IB) and other specialized international programs is highly regarded.


We are seeking experienced Tutors who specialize in any academic subject and who can tutor students with entrance exams. Tutor candidates must provide high references who can confirm successful entrance exam scores, placements and improved marks. A knowledge of International Baccalaureate (IB) and other specialized international programs is highly regarded. Tutors hold their University degree and often a higher degree in a specified subject.



Maternity Nurses are trained or experienced nannies or nurses who specialize in the care of newborn babies. They often hold Maternity Nurse qualifications or Nursing degrees. All will hold their Pediatric First Aid Certificate. Most specialize in breastfeeding and sleep training. They will help the mother from the time she leaves the hospital until both mother and baby are settled into a routine at home, typically a period between 4-12 weeks. A maternity nurse will provide expert support and guidance on all aspects of babycare including breastfeeding, bottle feeding, routine setting and hygiene. She may be asked to prepare the nursery before the birth of the baby.

A Maternity Nurse will also provide all nursery duties, including ensuring the cleanliness and hygiene of the baby nursery, the baby’s laundry, sterilizing and preparing bottles. A maternity nurse generally sleeps in the baby’s room and assumes all the night feeds, known as « night duties ». They are on call 24 hours per day, 6 days per week and will sleep when the baby is sleeping.  They typically have a 2-3 hour break daily.



We are looking for only the most confident, highly qualified and experienced Nannies to take on our most urgent cases. The SOS Supernanny must be able to live in the Family home for set minimum number of days, assess the situation and implement a solution that the Family can continue to maintain after the problem has been resolved. Confidence, organization and the ability to communicate effectively with children and parents is strongly required. The Supernanny must be able to do a follow up visit and be available to answer questions the following two weeks upon completion of the job, and be available for one more follow up telephone call after one month.

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