Our Solutions

We believe that  trust and “savoir faire”  is what make us the best in recruiting first class childcare for our clients.

Our goal is to find childcare solutions for our families that are long term.

Taking the time to get to know our candidates is very important to us.  Our goal is to find candidates who are professional and understand how to balance their role in a private household.  We then take the time to understand their strengths and personal goals, assisting in career management and establishing long term relationships with them. This ultimately helps us to garner the best in the industry.

Our Agency provides effective recruiting which is tailored around our clients ‘ needs.  Whether a family is seeking a Nanny for general childcare, a Governess to assist with homework and house management, a Maternity Nurse for a new baby or a Nanny/PA for working parents,  we will find that perfect match!


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