Summer Nanny Candidate

Summer Nanny positios are often for 1- 3 months depending upon the Family, while the children are on holiday from school. Our Families often spend long periods away from their primary residences during the summer period and are looking for childminders who can speak English with their children. Therefore the Summer Nanny is typically English speaking (although we may have some positions that may not require English). It is also a fantastic way for Candidate who are in university with concentrations in education and other childcare related fields, to spend their summer holidays.


The duties of a Summer Nanny will include looking after the children- sole or shared charge, (depending upon qualifications) and all nursery duties – laundry (wash/iron), maintaining the cleanliness of all equipment, toys and rooms used by children and the preparation of their meals. The summer Nanny will drop off and collect children from lessons, activities etc. and/or organize appropriate activities and outings to promote their fluency and knowledge of English. Summer Nannies must be organised, pro active and able to navigate comfortably in resort like settings- beach , mountains, etc.. with children in tow, oftentimes in a foreign environment where not everyone speaks English.

The Summer Nanny is not required to do general household duties unless otherwise specified within the agreement.


Working days/hours will vary upon each position. Salaries will also reflect hours required. We do ask for maximum flexibility from our Nannies since summer days are longer and Families are on their holidays.


Generally, time given off is 1.5 days per week, with one weekend off per month. This is a minimum of 6.5 days off per month. If another arrangement is required, this must be agreed upon by both parties and stated within the contract.


The Summer Nanny’s salary will depend upon their experience, education, hours required , responsibilities and the number of children under their care.

Salaries for Summer Nannies start from £400 npw. Salaries for Tutors start at £500 npw. Candidates must have some sort of childcare qualifications, teaching qualification AND/OR have demonstrated experience reflected by high references. All candidates must be able to present a CRB or equivalent, a certificate First Aid/CPR and written references.

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