Governess / Tutor

A Governess /  Tutor is a professional child educator in a private home.   They are responsible for the intellectual and social development of a child with a focus on academic development. They will organize activities and outings to stimulate the children intellectually, tutor them on specific subjects as required, help with homework and generally oversee their scholastic development. They will also teach them life skills,  etiquette and cultural appreciation.

These candidates are skilled to work with children of school age and will usually have a teaching background.

Salary: £500-£1400 GBP net per week,  according to qualifications/experience and previous salaries acquired.  Salaries are net, families are responsibile for all NI and nanny tax. Salaries are based upon a five day workweek,  Monday- Friday, 8-10 hours daily. This includes some babysitting 1-2 times per week. Salaries will also vary depending upon if the family offer accommodations or seek daily live out candidates.

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